Want to get booked either virtually or in person at a TEDx® talk, or land other speaking opportunities? Want to deliver a great talk that really pays off for you?

Become the Speaker
You're Meant to Be

Let us give you the clarity, skills and confidence you need to own the stage – in person or online. You'll also participate in our own virtual speaking event and get a video you can use to promote yourself as a speaker!

Watch the parade of some of our TEDx® speakers below! (You may need to click the video to hear the sound.)

FROM: Steve Harrison

Are you a good speaker who'd like to get even better?

Would you like to land a virtual or in-person TEDx® talk and deliver one so good it’s seen on video by people around the world, making you well-known in your field?

Do you want to get more standing ovations by building a stronger emotional connection with an audience?

How about expanding your influence and income by becoming a highly sought-after speaker meeting planners are eager to book?

Are you looking to discover how to speak in such a way that the audience not only loves it, but also buys whatever you’re promoting?

Are you ready for your voice – your vision, your message, your passion – to reach a much bigger audience and impact more people?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you’re in luck, because we can coach you to make it all happen.

Meet Geoffrey Berwind, Who'll Help You
Become An Unforgettable Speaker

Picture of Geoffrey Berwind

Geoffrey Berwind

Geoffrey Berwind is one of the world's top public speaking and storytelling expert coaches.

I’ve been working with authors, experts, speakers and entrepreneurs for almost 30 years, but I’ve never met anyone who knows more than Geoffrey about using the power of real-life story to become a powerful and influential public speaker.

As my company's lead speaking coach, he’s helped many hundreds of my clients become more relatable, memorable and influential speakers.

What's more, in the last few years, he has led my team in helping more than 70 of our clients land or give TEDx® talks.

It’s no wonder leading corporations and nonprofits seek out his expertise. In addition to my Quantum Leap members, he’s worked with the National Park Service, the Kennedy Space Center and the Audubon Society, among many others.

Now, he has put all that firsthand experience and incredible know-how into a program that can launch you as the successful — even unforgettable — public speaker you want to be!

This program equips you to take your speaking skills to the next level so you become a speaker who, virtually or in person, gets your message heard and makes a difference. 

Where Do YOU Need
Help As A Speaker?

Do you want to land a TEDx® talk? Then this program can give you a true advantage. As I said, our team has helped more than 70 clients prepare, land, or deliver TEDx® talks in the last few years. We can help you too as you refine your topic, ace your application and, once you get the gig, deliver a great talk.

Do you want to speak virtually now so you have an edge for in-person events later? TEDx® organizers took their events online during the pandemic. You can give a virtual talk from anywhere. When you can deliver a polished and powerful presentation online, organizers (not to mention the audience) will remember it, and will likely be more than pleased when you apply to speak for them live.

Do you need to make a better emotional connection with your audience? We can share with you exactly how to do it. We understand the practical steps speakers need to take to create authentic connections with audiences – connections that exponentially increase your talk’s impact.

Do you have a great “signature story” you’ve learned how to craft and tell really well? If you don’t, you’re severely limiting your public speaking potential, and you may not even know it. We'll guide you as you shape a story that communicates like no other who you are and what you’re about.

Do you know the right way to use slides and demonstrations well in a talk? Believe me: We’ve seen plenty of speakers do it poorly – totally “old school!” But interacting with your audience can really make your presentation “pop,” and we'll help you avoid the most common pitfalls.

Do you already have a good talk, but know it’s still missing something? We know all the essential components of the talks that really hit big. We can put our fingers on what your presentation needs and offer you immediately actionable advice for improvement.

Do you need help overcoming nerves when you take the stage? There’s no shame in it – even some of the world’s most experienced speakers still get butterflies in the stomach. But we know the tricks strong presenters use to keep calm and maintain focus and can help you use them too.

Do you need help knowing where to begin? Maybe you have so much you’d like to share with others you’re finding it hard to choose your topic. We know what topics TEDx® organizers are interested in and what subjects consistently attract interest at high-profile conferences.

How We Will Work With You To Get You To
The Next Level As A Speaker

Whether you’re new to public speaking or a veteran speaker with hundreds of gigs under your belt, there’s always a next level.

The Unforgettable Speaker Training Program will help you reach it.

Here’s an overview of what we'll help you do:

  • Choose your topic – what your key, distinctive idea is and how to clearly put into words why it matters, to you and to others.
  • Craft a title that really stands out and intrigues your audience before you say a word.
  • Draft and review an outline that makes your message compelling and easy for listeners to understand.
  • Write a script that will help you make sure you’ve said everything you want and need to say, in ways that stick with your audience.
  • Give you professional, constructive feedback about what you’re saying and how you’re saying it, so you can infuse your talk with as much power as possible.
  • Refine your stage presence – your posture and stance, what you should wear, tips for making eye contact and using silence for maximum effect, what to do with your hands… all the little but important practical things that distinguish a public speaking expert from an amateur. (Many of these tips also make you come across far more professionally when speaking online.)
  • Apply to TEDx® events in just the right way (knowing how to do this will give you a HUGE edge over other applicants).
  • Identify other high-profile (and high-paying) speaking opportunities looking for speakers like you with informative, inspiring ideas to share.

I simply cannot stress enough how important this one-on-one, proven process will be to your success as a speaker.

It really does make the difference between a good talk and a GREAT one.

It makes YOU the speaker people will remember for days… months… even years after you leave the stage.

Want To Be Our Next TEDx® Speaker?

Here are just some of the people we've helped land and/or deliver a TEDx® talk, either in person or virtually:

Clint Rogers

Jody Miller

Carol Gunn

Gerald Miller

Juliette Watt

Yousef Elyaman

Nicole Black

Colleen O'Grady

Michelle Yep Martin

Karen Mayo

Renee Jones

Myra Salzer

In fact, I had Geoffrey coach me before I delivered my own TEDx® talk. It now has more than 525,000 views on YouTube!

That's the kind of credibility landing and giving a TEDx® talk can give you.

And the skills you master when aiming for a TEDx® talk transfer to all sorts of other speaking opportunities, too... making YOU the person everybody wants to hear!

Steve Harrison

Look At Everything You Get In Your
Unforgettable Speaker Training

Here’s everything you’ll get in this highly customized, practical training program:

  • Lifetime Access to our Unique Eight-Module TEDx/Speaker Training Online Course - Use these videos to get a jump start on your public speaking success. In these trainings we show you how to "look under the hood" of top-notch TED talks to discover how and why they work... how to come up with your own "idea worth spreading"... how to brainstorm ways to grab your audience's attention (and never let it go)... and so much more. These trainings set the stage for you to own the stage!

  • 12 Months of Live Group Coaching - In these calls led by Geoffrey and his team, you and your fellow soon-to-be-unforgettable speakers will be guided to tap into techniques that can dramatically improve your presentation. You'll weave storytelling wisdom into your talk to make your audience more than passive listeners. You'll get proven advice on all the aspects of authentic stage presence. And you'll practice for the group, getting instant feedback on what's working and what's not. Think how well-prepared you'll be even before you step into the spotlight! (And don't worry if you must miss a call; they'll all be recorded so you can listen to them at your convenience.)

  • Up to Eight Hours of Personalized, One-on-One Coaching - Your individual consults with Geoffrey or another coach are at the heart of your training. We'll give you expert, precision feedback as you fine-tune your idea, draft your outline and write your script, practice your posture and movements, and more. We’ll show you exactly how you can master all the elements that make a great talk.

    You have up to one year from your enrollment in the program to use these hours in ways that make the most sense to you. It's like having a world-class speaking coach in your back pocket!

  • Speak In My Virtual Speaker Showcase - As a member of Unforgettable Speaker Training, you're entitled to a spot in my virtual Speaker Showcase event. It's great experience in and of itself, and you also get a professionally recorded and edited video of your talk, along with some on-camera testimonials about you — all of which dramatically establishes your credibility as a speaker. 

  • Our Personal List of 100+ Preferred TEDx Organizers - After 45 days in the program, you'll get access to our preferred list of over 100 TEDx® organizers looking for applications from great new speakers like you. It's a priceless tool for narrowing your research and finding just the right stage for your talk.

What Does The Unforgettable Speaker Training Cost?

ANSWER: Not much compared with the
life-long benefits of being an unforgettable speaker
(plus the exposure you can get with a good TEDx talk)

Do you see why the Unforgettable Speaker Training is such an incredible opportunity?

What other single program guarantees you in-depth group training calls… a quality video spotlighting you as a public speaker on a professional stage… and up to 8 hours of one-on-one coaching from public speaking and storytelling experts?

Where else can you get a proven process like this one, tailored to your speaking success?

And how much do you think a system like this should cost?

The online course is easily worth $997.00 because it's full of such proven public speaking wisdom and techniques, handed to you on a silver platter.

Because Geoffrey and our other coaches' time is limited and valuable, we'd normally charge as much as $4,997.00 to work one-on-one with them for up to 8 hours.

The professional video of you as a star in my virtual Speaker Showcase? We don’t even usually offer that opportunity by itself, but if we did, we'd charge $1,997.00 for it, because our planning and production team know how to make you look every bit the polished professional you are.

The list of TEDx® organizers you'll get? I honestly can't even begin to put a price on that. I mean, how much is your time and effort worth? You'd have to spend a lot of it to track down organizers of virtual and live events relevant to your topic. But this priceless resource puts all that at your fingertips.

Add in what we'd charge for the year's worth of group training calls, most of which Geoffrey leads—$2,997.00—and the total value of this program comes to $10,988.00.

But I’m not asking you to pay anywhere near that much.

As I always say, my mission is to help you achieve your mission—and since speaking at TEDx® virtual and live events and from other high-profile platforms is one of the best ways to promote your mission, I want to give as many people as possible who are serious about achieving great success as public speakers the chance to do it.

The regular price for Unforgettable Speaker Training is $4,997 and it’s a steal at that price — particularly since you’ll profit from your enhanced speaking skills for the rest of your life.

Your Investment - $4,997

Here’s What to Do Next

So if you’re ready to …

  • Catapult your public speaking ability to a whole new level...
  • Land a TEDx talk and make it a great one…
  • Expand your impact, influence and income as a speaker…

…. then click here now to enroll in Unforgettable Speaker Training and let’s get started!

You’ve got something to say. Let us help you say it so that no one who hears it will ever forget it – or YOU. Enroll now and become the speaker you’re meant to be.

To Your Success as an Unforgettable Speaker,

Steve Harrison

PS – In the last few years we’ve helped more than 70 clients land or deliver TEDx talks. We want to help you reach those same heights. Demand for this intense training in public speaking and storytelling has been incredibly high. More and more authors, experts and entrepreneurs realize how critical a great presentation is to their success. We can only work with so many people... so sign up for your spot in the program before they’re all gone!

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